How It Works

After we have agreed on every detail of the purchase in terms of product and price there are still a couple of important details that need to be transparent for our clients.


We use Fedex for transportation. In our experience it’s the most reliable, fast and comprehensive service. The cost of shipping is included in the purchase price. Fedex will deliver all watches within 1-2 business days almost anywhere in the world. Most our clients are based in the continental US and Asia (HK, Singapur, Malaysia, Indonesia). We ship to these areas on a weekly basis, with lots of experience and knowledge

how to get the watches to our clients the most efficient way. On average, we ship up to 450 packages per year! 80% to the US and Asia!


All watches have been inspected and checked by our watchmaker. He is a very knowledgeable and talented technician with over 35 years of experience. Most watches have been serviced by him. Please note that most watches have been serviced after the photograph was taken. Please check the individual description on the product site for the service history and timegrapher results. A watch will only be serviced, if it requires service.


All packages are fully insured.

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