About Us

I first heard the word ‘vintage’ from someone bragging about how he had recently acquired a vintage jacket. This was a surprise to me at the time because, at the age of 16, it was difficult from me to understand paying a premium for something second hand.

Before specializing in watches at a venture capital driven online auction house I was collecting vintage pens as well as lamps while being involved in the vintage toy trade. I have since been fascinated with designs and stories behind rare objects. Today, I have a personal passion for vintage chronographs from the the 1940’s and 1960’s.

Hannah and I started to collaborate and share our passion for vintage watches in 2014. Our goal, at SHUCKTHEOYSTER, is to find and curate a beautiful, sought-after and especially niche collection of vintage mechanical wristwatches. We didn’t start this company to offer you mainstream models – quite the opposite, we strive to inspire you with a rare chronographs from the 60s, gilt dials from the 40s – overall interesting, top condition watches. There are so many unique and amazing vintage watches that go beyond Rolex sport watches and that deserve closer attention. This is our goal in terms of curation and we hope to accomplish it to your liking

Our business is built on three pillars: authenticity, accessibility and transparency.

Enjoy our monthly updated collection!

Hannah & Arthur

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